Mascot Working

Border Collies






Mascot Working Border Collies is known Australian wide for breeding

hard working, reliable dogs.



Denis and Jane Sims have many years experience managing cattle properties in Central and Northern Queensland. 


During this time, the importance of having reliable working dogs was evident and the start of the Mascot Working Border Collies bloodline began.




Now with over 25 years experience, Denis and Jane have selected predatory dogs that use their own natural instincts to work cattle more effectively and with less stress.




Mascot Working Border Collies is a unique business offering a wide variety of training and educational

programs for producers to implement into their own businesses to improve

stock handling techniques using these working dogs.


  ** If you are confident with the correct information your dog will be too.  
  ** Predator's need a pack leader.  
  ** Learn the techniques required to maintain the structure and the leadership of the pack.
  ** Understanding the body language from handler to dog.  
  ** Predators are silent, instincts are their strengths.  







** Cattle Education


Learn how to work cattle quietly and on a low stress level.

Make your work easier and more efficient increasing productivity and less bruising on your cattle.











** Weaner Breaking


Breaking weaners in using dogs results in quieter stock

and gets the weaners back to the paddock sooner while cutting the cost of feed.










Through educational programs Denis and Jane

provide the assistance and the skills required to work dogs using their natural instincts.


"Natural Techniques - NOT Electric"







                                    FOR SALE: Pups to Adult Working Dogs AVAILABLE!!!



Denis & Jane Sims


Qld 4610 Australia

Phone: 0427 643 272 or (07) 4162 5480




Mascot Working Dogs





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